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Document ID: 753
Subject: Writing queries including dates in MS Access
Creation date: 7/29/09 11:37 AM
Last modified on: 7/29/09 11:37 AM


Microsoft Access uses a # sign to enclose date fields. Here is an example

select *
from cars
where manufactureDate >= #7/2/2005#

Another method of using date is MS Access is using the following syntax.

select *
from cars
where manufactureDate >= {d '2005-02-20'}

This syntax works with any database.

User comments

Posted by Chris on 2/26/19 7:22 PM

If you get an error in the GUI about not being able to rename the 'synaman.pfx' file during this process, go to synaman\htdocs\sslCert and rename the synaman.pfx file manually then go through the process again.

Posted by Anonymous on 7/29/09 11:52 AM

In Access 2003 you can set ANSI92 for a particular database by clicking on Tools > Tables/Queries > check box in lower right corder for ANSI92. Note the warning message that come up and the associated help page ("About ANSI SQL query mode (MDB)") are indeed helpful and important.

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