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Subject:What is WinSQL Data Folder
Creation date:7/29/09 3:52 PM
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WinSQL stores all configuration parameters in a file called WinSQL.conf, which is located in WinSQL Data Folder.

What is WinSQL Data Folder

This is a special folder where WinSQL stores all configuration and data files at runtime. The easiest way to access this folder is to click File/Open Data Folder on WinSQL's main menu.

WinSQL Data Folder holds the following files.

  • WinSQL.conf file - This holds the serial number and other configuration parameters for WinSQL.
  • Catalog cache
  • Query history
  • Databags
  • Offline backups
  • Scripts for scheduled tasks
  • Local comments for data objects
  • Customized shortcuts

The most important information in this folder is WinSQL.conf file. This is a plain text file and you can use any editor to view its contents.

Physical location for the Data Folder

The exact physical location of WinSQL's Data Folder depends on your user name and operating system. Use the following guidelines to determine the actual path.

Windows XP

c:\Documents And Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\WinSQL

Windows Vista or Above


Does WinSQL use Windows Registry to store any values?

The only information in Windows registry is related to the ODBC drivers, which occurs when you register them in WinSQL. No other information is stored in the registry.

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