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Subject:I get the following error when importing a databag. Error: Data type for parameter 1 has changed since first SQLExecute call
Creation date:7/29/09 4:50 PM
Last modified on:10/31/18 11:43 AM


Symptoms You are getting the following error message when importing data from a DataBag to any database:

[ERROR] Unable to insert data. Row number = 2. Error: Data type for parameter 1 has changed since first SQLExecute call.

This error occurs when you are using an ODBC driver from DataDirect Technologies. Note that the drivers that ship with WinSQL are made by this company and some drivers shipped with Informix and Sybase are also made by the same company.

To avoid this problem follow the steps below.

  1. Login as Administrator on the machine
  2. Use Regedit or any other Windows Registry editor
  3. Select Edit/Find on the main menu and search for your DSN name. This is the name that gets displayed in WinSQL connection window.
  4. Click Find Next to search. You should end up with a registry entry that matches with following path:


    If the path does not match with these value, go to the next search results.
  5. When you select the DSN in Regedit, it should display some key-value pairs on the right hand side.
  6. Add a new String Value and call it WorkArounds. Assign 536870912 as the value for this newly added key.
  7. Start WinSQL and try to import data again.

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