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Subject:Passing a connection string from command line?
Creation date:7/29/09 4:35 PM
Last modified on:7/29/09 4:35 PM

Passing connection string from command line

Use the following syntax on a command line to pass a connection string.

winsql "-cYourConnectionString"

For example:
winsql "-cDRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=(local);Trusted_Connection=Yes"

Another way of specifying a connection string is to use it as a DSN name. For example:

winsql "-dDSN=YourDSNName" -p-1 -u-1

The above example demonstrate how to connect to a DSN called YourDSNName. User id and password is set to -1, which means these values will be read from the DSN manager.

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