Changes in version 8.0

  • Added Dynamic EXE creation
  • Command line Scripting
  • Modeless DB Search Wizard
  • Added upper limit to 10000 for Find/Replace procedure to avoid infinite loop
  • Ability to skip lines when using Text Import wizard
  • Task name appears in email subject
  • Use of global system variable when anything is run from command line.
  • Deal with license.dat file in the installation folder.
  • Temporary serial numbers
  • Attach output file for text export
  • Attach HTML file for HTML export
  • Combo box for query pages now are set to the query text rather than New Query when a file is opened.
  • Added the following read-only config fields
    • HideAutoIntellitips
    • HideDataLookup
    • HideRememberPassword
      This values are NOT saved by WinSQL, but if found in the config file will hide/disable appropriate parameters. This feature was added at a user's request. Refer to ticket number 037347833 in MJ
  • Ability to save an entire column to disk.
  • Disables new query page creation when queries are running in the background.


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