8 Best Alternatives to NovaBackup

Today, businesses and individuals produce massive amounts of data. Therefore, it is essential to have a backup solution so that you never lose your important documents due to an accidental hard drive crash or other reasons. The best backup software lets you backup your saved documents and files securely while managing your saved data with advanced options.

NovaBackup: A Secure Backup Software

NovaBackup is a backup solution designed especially for managed service providers (MSPs) that enables backup for distributed systems, virtual machines, and applications. It is a fast and reliable software that lets you back up your data to local and cloud storage. Thanks to its data protection capabilities against cyberattacks, NovaBackup protects your data using different security practices, such as encryption, access controls, etc.

Furthermore, its Backup and Disaster Recovery solution provides users with the option to schedule automatic backups of their remote servers and endpoints. BDR is fully customizable and lets users maintain full control over their hardware and storage server.

Additionally, NovaBackup remote backup management enables you to manage and monitor your data from anywhere. MSPs can deploy and configure NovaBackup remotely to create, view, and delete backups while protecting new and existing clients' data.

While NovaBackup is a great backup solution, it does have some downsides that make many users choose an alternative. First things first, NovaBackup is a pricey solution and provides expensive online storage. Also, it lacks file-syncing capabilities.

  • Type: Cloud & On-premise.
  • Support: Support is available through the ticketing system.
  • Price: Starts from €39.95 per year for a single PC and €159.80 per year for up to 5 PCs.

Features to Consider

Numerous backup software solutions aim to do exactly what NovaBackup does. However, choosing from many different solutions can be hard. Therefore, we have compared different solutions based on various aspects, including security, pricing plans flexibility, etc. Let's discuss the features you must consider before you invest your time and money in any solution.

Consider the following features to choose the best backup solution.

Systemic Features

Systemic features include
  • Security/Encryption: Security is a critical factor you must consider while choosing a solution. Discover whether or not the solution offers any encryption or security features.
  • Privacy: Figure out what kind of privacy controls the tool offers. How does it handle users? privacy, and does it offer any access controls?
  • Integration with ongoing infrastructure: Identity what kind of infrastructure the tool supports. Can it be integrated with your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment?

Non-Systemic Features

Non-systemic features include the following.
  • Cost: Cost is the very first factor in the non-systemic features. Of course, you don't want to invest in a pricey solution when other solutions offer the same features at a lower price. Explore different pricing plans of the tool and what it offers in those plans.
  • Support: Does the solution provide any support to its clients? If yes, what is the nature of the support? Through what channel it provides support: email, phone, or live chat?
  • Development: What is the contribution of the company to the solution's development? Is the tool being actively updated?

Best NovaBackup Alternatives

Here is a list of the best NovaBackup Alternatives that can back up your files securely.

1. Syncrify

A cloud-based backup and file synchronization solution, Syncrify enables secure back up while keeping your files private to your network and without third-party access. Home users can use a free version of the tool, whereas a perpetual license is required for professional users to access its advanced features.

The tool has no limit to the file size and bandwidth of the backup, enabling users to back up massive amounts of data without worrying about its size and limit. Its file-synchronization capabilities let you synchronize files across multiple machines.

Furthermore, Syncrify is a secure solution that uses SSL and HTTPS to connect the client and the server securely. Also, Syncrify alerts the administrator if the machine is recently infected by any ransomware virus, protecting users from ransomware attacks.

Syncrify provides users with a SyncriBox that works exactly as other backup tools like DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft Drive work, without any privacy issues. Since Syncrify is a product, not a service, you only have to pay once and enjoy a lifetime.

  • Type: Cloud Based.
  • Support: Phone and email support
  • Price: Free for home users, and a perpetual license starts from $49 for a single machine.

2. Carbonite

Carbonite is a cloud-based backup solution designed especially for small businesses. Its backup solutions are divided into three categories based on your preference: home backup, professional backup, and business backup. The professional backup solution can protect your data on servers, external storage, and up to 25 computers.

Furthermore, the tool offers file recovery from ransomware and encryption to protect your data at rest as well as in transit. No matter what happens, you can protect your data from theft, accidental deletion, hardware corruption, and data corruption using Carbonite.

  • Type: Cloud-Based.
  • Support: Support is provided through different channels, including email, phone, customer support portal, etc.
  • Price: Basic plan for professional users starts from $6/month for 1 to 3 computers with limited features.

3. Druva

Druva is a SaaS-based backup solution that enables backup for different infrastructures, including virtual environments such as VMware, file/physical servers like Windows, databases such as MS-SQL, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. It enables you to manage all your data backup and disaster recovery. Also, the solution provides ransomware protection and integrates 256-bit AES and TLS 1.2 encryption to protect your data against attacks.

  • Type: Cloud/On-premise/Hybrid.
  • Support: Support is provided through different means, such as a knowledge base, community, support portal, and Druva Academy.
  • Price: Prices vary based on different infrastructures. Learn more.

4. Vembu

Vembu, a backup and disaster recovery tool, enables users to securely backup their data present on any workload, including on-premise, hybrid, or remote. While the tool is available for a price, it also provides free backup software for different individual workloads, such as VM, Hyper-V, AWS, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and more.

Furthermore, the paid version also provides a 30-day free trial version so that users can take a test drive and decide if the solution fits their professional needs. Using advanced security, Vembu protects user privacy and data through in-built compression and encryption.

  • Type: On-prem/Hybrid/Cloud.
  • Support: Support is provided through the ticketing system.
  • Price: Prices vary based on your infrastructure. Learn more here.

5. N-able

N-able's Cove Data Protection is a cloud-based data backup and recovery software that helps businesses backup their data and recover it easily in case of any disaster, such as ransomware, physical destruction, theft, etc. Also, there is no additional cost for data archiving in Cove. You pay per device and benefit as your archive grows. Furthermore, it provides Microsoft 365 backup and helps you manage your 365 backups and recoveries as you manage servers and workstations from the same dashboard.

  • Type: Cloud-Based
  • Support: Support is provided through forums, live chat, email, and phone.
  • Price: 30-days free trial version is available.

6. Barracuda Backup

A local and offsite backup solution, Barracuda Backup enables businesses to minimize their downtime and prevent data loss by providing them the ability to protect against natural disasters and cyber threats. It secures your data at rest and in transit using 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, this software can automatically back up mission-critical servers every 15 minutes, reducing the chances of data loss for organizations.

  • Type: Local and offsite.
  • Support: Community, phone, as well as web support is provided.
  • Price: Pricing depends on your preferred choice of storage capacity and other factors. Learn more here.

7. Acronis

A secure backup and recovery software, Acronis is available as an on-premise and cloud solution to backup your endpoints, physical/virtual servers, databases, apps, and cloud workloads. Regardless of the infrastructure, Acronis enables secure backup for any workload.

Acronis integrates advanced anti-ransomware technologies to protect your data against any threat. Moreover, it enables fast and reliable recovery of your systems, apps, and data from anywhere, on any device.

  • Type: Cloud & On-premise
  • Support: Chat, email, and phone support is provided to customers.
  • Price: Starting from $65 for 5 GB of Acronis Cloud Storage with a free trial

8. BackupAssist

BackupAssist is a secure backup and recovery software designed especially for SMEs to backup data on their on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. Thanks to its advanced security capabilities, the tool protects your system against hacking, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Not only this, but your data remains protected in case of any physical destructure, theft, hardware failure, or user deletions using BackupAssist.

  • Type: On-premise/Open Source and cloud.
  • Support: Community-based support. Dedicated support is available for a cost.
  • Price: Starting at €15/user/month.


While deciding which software to choose and download, consider the features we have mentioned above. For instance, you'll want to check the security features offered by the solution and if it provides any encryption or privacy controls to manage sensitive data. Moreover, the cost is another factor that you might want to check. Don't go for free solutions, as they may have limitations and don't offer the capabilities you want. We have provided a list of backup solutions. You may choose any of them based on your personal preferences and requirements.


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