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Subject: Automatically Saving Sessions in WinSQL
Creation date: 1/15/20 10:41 AM
Last modified on: 1/15/20 10:50 AM

Automatically Saving Sessions in WinSQL

WinSQL will remember the values for your existing session in between restarts when Auto-Save sessions is enabled. WinSQL performs following tasks in the background:

  1. Save queries as well as results of every query page and connection to disk before exiting. Connection data is also saved.
  2. Saved data is automatically loaded next time you open WinSQL.
  3. Database connections are automatically established

Limitations Multiple Instances

The saved data for a session is stored in the DataFolder. If you have multiple instances of WinSQL loaded simultaneously, it will only remember the sessions from the instance that was closed last.

Using Command-Line Arguments

Prior to v14, command-line arguments are not used when the Auto-Save session is enabled.

Starting from v14, WinSQL automatically disables Auto-Save temporarily when a file is opened using command-line arguments. Consider the following example:
WinSQL.exe C:\MyScripts\Sample1.sql -uMyUserId -pMyPassword -dMyServerDSN
In the above example, a user wants to create a shortcut on their Desktop so they can easily open a script file.

Prior to v14, you had to disable Auto-Save sessions in order for the above example to work. Starting from v14, WinSQL will automatically disable Auto-Save sessions temporarily for this particular instance. Keep in mind that WinSQL will NOT save the session when it is terminated.

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