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Subject: Effects of Anti-Virus software when running file synchronization in Syncrify
Creation date: 2/23/20 2:56 PM
Last modified on: 10/27/20 3:44 PM

Effects of Anti-virus Software In Syncrify

Anti-Virus software could have a negative effect on performance when using with Syncrify. Many Anti-Virus software sit in between an HTTP client (such as a browser) and an HTTP server and monitor the communication between them. The goal is to prevents users from downloading a potentially harmful file from a publicly available web server on the Internet.

Anti-Virus software do that by inspecting every HTTP request and response between the client and server. Communication between Syncrify Client and Syncrify Server is also done over HTTP(S). There are two significant disadvantages of having an anti-virus software watch the communication between Syncrify Client and Server:

  1. Reduced Scalability - Since every outbound and inbound packet will be inspected by the anti-virus software, this drastically reduces the file transfer speed.

    Moreover, this can potentially affect the network speed of other users on the same LAN if this inspection is done by the network firewall.

  2. Invalid Requests - Syncrify sends thousands of HTTP request from multiple threads during a typical synchronization job. Anti-Virus software could treat this as some kind of an attack and may either block a request sent from the client or alter them before the request reaches the server. This results in unpredictable behavior during backups.

How Do I know if An Anti-Virus is Watching

Syncrify client sends an EICAR test virus to detect an anti-virus software in between. One of two things can happen when this test virus is sent:

  1. You will see a warning message in your Anti-Virus software
  2. The check mark in Syncrify Client will be displayed in Orange instead of Green. See image below:

Therefore, we strongly recommend you configure your anti-virus software to exclude Syncrify Client from being watched.

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