Remotely Accessing AutoDesk and Revit Files From the Internet

Work-from-home paradigm has compelled many engineering firms to allow employees as well as contractors to access design files for AutoDesk and Revit remotely. One way to accomplish this goal is to create a VPN between the office and remote environment, allowing individuals to access design blueprints from the Internet. However, using a VPN comes with its challenges that require technical know-how. This article offers two solutions that work without a VPN.

Before discussing the actual solutions, let's discuss the difference between File Sharing and File Synchronization.

File Sharing Vs. File Synchronization

This term is often used when sending or receiving files disconnectedly. By disconnected, we mean the sender sends a file; the recipient may modify the downloaded file and can optionally upload it back. Additionally, file sharing is typically between a machine and a human being. For example, if Jane wants to send a file to Bob, she will first upload that file to a shared repository, which Bob then downloads. Getting files back from Bob to Jane happens in reverse order. In both cases, a human (Jane or Bob) uses a browser or an app to send a file to a server on the other end.

File Synchronization, on the other hand, happens between two machines. Using the same example, Jane creates a file in a particular folder on her machine. The system automatically detects this new file and puts an identical copy of the file on Bob's computer. If Bob makes any changes to that file, a copy automatically comes back to Jane.

Synametrics Technologies, Inc. offers two solutions that can help companies share their AutoDesk, Revit, or any other file with their employees, as well as contractors working remotely. Both solutions are on-premise that works across the Internet without needing a VPN.

On-Premise Solution For File Sharing

SynaMan is a file-sharing solution that can be used to share AutoDesk, Revit, or any other file that a remote employee, a contractor, or a client needs. It offers several benefits:

  • Ability to send/receive files securely using SSL. A VPN is not required but can be used if available.
  • There are no limits on file size or bandwidth used.
  • Antiviruses can scan files to ensure they're not harmful.
  • Create download or upload-only links to share with clients.
  • File versioning
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Mobile access to files

Refer SynaMan's home page for further information.

On-Premise Solution For File Synchronization

Syncrify is yet another solution published by Synametrics that is used for file synchronization. It offers the following benefit:

  • Ability to synchronize multiple folders across multiple machines. It ensures every computer involved in synchronization has identical contents. For example, if Jane modifies a drawing in AutoDesk or Revit on her machine, that file is automatically transferred to Bob.
  • There are no limits on file size or bandwidth used.
  • File versions are automatically maintained.
  • Protection is available for accidental deletes.
  • Ransomware prevention.
  • Both Jane and Bob can access their drawing from their mobile device and email them to any other team member or a client.

Refer Syncrify's home page for further information.


If you're looking for file sharing or synchronization, Synametrics Technologies, Inc. has a solution for you. Using these tools, employees within your company can effectively share drawings created in software packages like AutoDesk and Revit. Contact our sales department today for further questions or a no obligation Zoom demo.


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