Accessing SynaMan from mobile devices

Starting from version 3.1 of SynaMan, you can now connect from any mobile device, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile to view and share files on the machine where SynaMan is installed.

Although the following instructions are for iPhone, SynaMan behaves in similar manner when connecting from any other device.

Steps to connect

  • Start Safari on iPhone (use the default browser on other phones)
  • Type the URL of the machine running SynaMan. See image below.

  • The next page prompts the user for login ID and password.

  • Available folders are displayed on the next page.

  • Note that you only see folders that have read permission. Most mobile devices do not allow uploading files. This means write permission is of no use on mobile devices. This is the reason why SynaMan only displays folders that have read permission enabled.

    Navigate to the desired folder containing file(s) you are interested in.

  • Next, click on the desired file.

    Tips on sending large files
    Files can be send via email.
    • Files smaller than 5 MB are attached along with the message
    • A hyperlink is created for larger files allowing the recipient to click the link and download the file. This approach allows you to send large files that typically cannot be send via email.

    Several operations can be performed on a file. For example, you can:
    • Send a file via email - Send a file from your machine to anyone on the Internet. Size does not matter.
    • Compress or Extract a file - Zipped files can be extracted and regular files can be compressed
    • Download file - Note that iPhone only allow certain files to be downloaded. For example, you can download *.TXT, *.PDF, *.DOC, *.XLS and a few others. You will not be able to download files if your device does not support this operation.
    • Delete a file - User must have write permission for this to work
  • The following image display a screenshot demonstrating how a file gets sent via email. There is no limit on the file size. If a file is less than 5MB, it will be attached to the message itself. Files greater than 5 MB are not sent as attachments. Instead, a public link is created and the recipient will have to click on the link to download the file. This public link will be valid for 15 days.


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