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Document ID: 2085
Subject: Home Folder in SynaMan
Creation date: 6/15/12 12:34 PM
Last modified on: 11/8/18 10:44 AM


Home Folder

Typically, when a new user is created, administrators must assign folders that can be accessed by this newly added user. The user's Home folder is a special location on the disk that is automatically added to a user's account. It offers the following benefits:
  • Automatically assigned to newly created users.
  • Read and write permissions are enabled for the users.
  • It is not shared by any other user.

Steps to enable

  • Login as admin to the web interface
  • Click Configuration and then Advanced Configuration
  • Select the tab for Additional Parameters
  • Specify a path for User Home Root. This must refer to a valid path on the machine where SynaMan is running.

How it works

Value specified for User Home Root serves as the starting path for every user's home directory. Consider the following scenario.
  • You specified the value for User Home Root to be C:\SynaManUserHome
  • You add a new user with as the login id
  • The location of the home directory will become C:\SynaManUserHome\
  • When John Doe logs in, he will see a virtual folder called Home.
It is important to remember that only new users are assigned a home folder. Meaning users added to SynaMan prior to assigning a value for User Home Root won't have a home folder. If you want to assign a default home directory to users added previously, paste the following URL in your browser:

Adding default files to user's home directory

You can optionally add files to user's home directory at creation time. To do that, modify $INSTALL_DIR\config\UserHomeTemplate.txt file. This file should contain one file name per line. Every file that appears in this file will be copied to user's home directory.

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