Using custom host name in public links

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By default public links are created using the public IP address of your network. A typical URL for public link may look like:

If you are running SynaMan on a machine that has a permanent host name, you might want to configure it to generate a link containing this host name rather than your public IP address.

There are two ways to modify this URL:

Method 1 - using the discovery wizard

When you use the discovery wizard, SynaMan automatically uses the host name for discovery. For example, if you use myoffice as the discovery name, the URL for public link becomes:

When a user on the Internet clicks on this URL, the request comes to our server, which then redirects the browser to your machine. Once this URL redirection is complete, our server no longer remains in the middle.

Method 2 - modifying configuration file

This method requires modifying a configuration file in SynaMan. Following steps demonstrate how to accomplish this task.
  • Stop SynaMan if it is running .
  • Using Windows Explorer (or Terminal window on Linux)  go to the folder where SynaMan is installed. This is typically C:\SynaMan on Windows or /opt/synaman on Linux
  • Change directory to the config folder
  • Open AppConfig.xml in any editor, such as Notepad on Windows or VI on Linux.
  • The bottom part of this file looks like:

  • Add new line in the parameter section containing a new parameter called publicIPForUrl. This value is case-sensitive and therefore, must be typed exactly as shown below. Use the desired host name for the value field. The host name is NOT case-sensitive. The field type must be set to 1.

  • Save the file and restart SynaMan and create a new public link.
  • Now the URL for public link will be


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