What's new in version 7.0

The following is a list of new features in WinSQL 7.0

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Serial number (for WinSQL Lite)






Display results in Form

Starting from version 7.0, you have a choice of displaying the results in:
  • Grid
  • Text, or
  • Form

Displaying results in Form

Offline Backup/Restore

The offline Backup/Restore feature allows users to conveniently backup any database and restore it either to the same database type or a different one.
Refer to the Offline Backup/Restore link for further information about this feature.

Text Import Wizard

Easily import text files into any table. The easiest way is to drag any text file from Windows Explorer to WinSQL's catalog tree.
Import text files

History Filter

Restrict entries in the History tab by specifying a filter string.
History filter

File Extension Manager

Easily manage file extensions handled by WinSQL.
File extensions


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