Database Catalog Caching

This page is obsolete. Catalog caching is not needed in WinSQL 10. This page is applicable if you are using WinSQL 9 or older.
Users can optionally save the database catalog locally to a file. This is called Catalog Caching in WinSQL. To enable catalog caching for a connection, check the Enable catalog caching box when establishing connection.

Enabling Catalog Cache

Database catalog caches are saved in an XML format on the local machine. Next time when a user connects to the same database, WinSQL reads this XML file rather than querying the database.

Caching database catalog is a very useful feature if you are connecting to a:

  • Large database with thousands of objects
  • A remote database with slower network connection

  • Many features in WinSQL submit several SQL queries in the background to fetch metadata information related to tables, views and procedures. WinSQL saves this metadata to a local file when caching is enabled. This prevents several round trips to the database next time you connect to the same database.

    The following information is saved in a local cache.

  • Table names
  • Field names
  • Datatype information for fields
  • Primary/Foreign key information
  • View names
  • View fields
  • Stored procedure names
  • Stored procedure fields

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