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Subject:Mapped drives in SynaMan
Creation date:3/8/11 10:08 AM
Last modified on:8/21/18 11:53 AM

Mapped drives in SynaMan


This page is now obsolete because this feature has been added in SynaMan v4.1. Click here for details.
Often users ask us if they can create a shared drive based on a mapped drive in SynaMan.

This is done relatively easily on Linux and Mac OS X by mounting a remote location. Refer to the documentation for Linux and Mac to see how to mount a drive residing on some other machine

This is a bit more challenging on Windows. SynaMan runs as a Windows Service that starts at boot time. Mapped drives are user specific and are only available to the user who is currently logged in. For example, drives mapped by User A are not visible to User B. Services on Windows are typically run using the built-in System account and therefore, mapped drives for a user are not available to SynaMan. Additionally, the actual mapping occurs when a user logs in interactively. Therefore, a background process (that never needs to actually login) will never see a mapped drive.

One work-around is that you run SynaMan's service as a normal user and use the UNC style path to connect to a remote machine. Additionally, you must have the same user with matching password on the remote machine. There is no way to specify a user id and password to the operating system within a service.

Consider the following example:
  • You are running SynaMan on machine A
  • You want to share a folder on machine B through SynaMan running on machine A
  • You create a user called userA on machine A and run the SynaMan's service as this user.
  • You create a user called userA on machine B as well with the same password you used on machine A
  • Try logging in as userA on machine A and access the shared drive on machine B using UNC style path, for example: \\MachineB\TestShare . Ensure the OS does NOT prompt you for a password. If it does, the shared drive won't work in SynaMan
  • Now create a shared drive in SynaMan using the same UNC path.

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