Software piracy and WinSQL

Pirated software hurts everyone. From software developers to retail store owners, and ultimately all software users. Furthermore, the illegal duplication and distribution of software has a significant impact on the economy.

Many websites on the internet offer WinSQL for a fraction of the cost. The prices on these websites are too good to be true. These sites not only offer WinSQL, but other software as well at similar prices. None of these sites are conducting business legally and it is everyone's responsibility to report such activities to proper authorities.

Most of these sites are hosted by anonymous companies and you won't find any contact information on the website. Additionally, they are run by individuals operating in countries where local laws are not enforced or do not exist.

What do these sites offer?

These sites typically offer:
  • Cracked or bootleg version of WinSQL
  • Serial number for WinSQL Professional
  • OEM copy of WinSQL at incredibly low prices (as low as $15.00)
  • Guarantees that the software will work correctly

Risks involved in purchasing an illegal copy

Aside from purchasing an illegal copy of a software you also run into the risk of sharing your personal information with unknown people on the Internet. Typically, when you make a purchase you share your address, phone number and credit card information with that company. If this company is selling illegal software, it is very likely they will use your credit card information to commit more crimes.

Many illegal sites also contain virus-infected versions of our software, which can potentially get other personal information from your machine and send it to known recipients on the Internet.

Where should you purchase a legal copy

There are several ways to purchase a legal copy. For example: IMPORTANT Regardless of where you purchase our software from, you will only receive a serial number from us. We do not allow our resellers to generate a serial number for WinSQL. If anyone claims to generate a serial number on our behalf, they are most likely trying to sell an illegal copy of our software.


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