What's new in version 6.0

Many new and exiting features have been added to this new version of WinSQL. Below is a list of these features.

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Bullet User Comments

Free-style comments can be associated with any objects like tables, fields and indexes. There are two types of comments.
  • Local Comments - Available locally to the user
  • Remote Comments - Shared among multiple users

User Comments

User Comments are stored in a local file and are available only to the user who put them in.

On the other hand, Remote Comments are stored in a table on the remote server and therefore can be shared by every user. By assigning appropriate permission on this table, administrators can permit or restrict users from viewing or modifying an existing comment.

Bullet Extended BLOB/CLOB support

Version 6.0 introduces enhanced mechanism to read and write to large binary and text fields. You can easily view stored images, and binary documents from WinSQL.

Long data is displayed in green with a zoom icon. User can click the icon to view the entire content. Data Zoom

Images and Rich Text can be displayed inline. User can click the Other tab to launch an external application

Data Zoom
Data Zoom

Besides viewing large objects, WinSQL also provides mechanism to write large objects to a relational database. Users can write INSERT/UPDATE statements that read contents from a text or binary file, providing an ability to insert images, movies, audio, PDF documents and any other binary content to a database table.
Data Zoom

Bullet Data To-Go

The Data To-Go feature allows users to temporarily copy contents of a table to local file. This feature is useful if:
  • You want to make a local backup of your data.
  • You want to move data from one source to another target when both are not accessible at the same time.
User can create individual DataBags for every table in the database. A DataBag hold the schema as well as data for one table. Every DataBag can be exported to a relational table at a later time. Imports and export can be done between databases of different types. For example, you can create a DataBag for a table in Oracle and later export that same DataBag to IBM DB2.

To create a DataBag, simply drag a table to the DataBag window or select Data ToGo / Create DataBag from the Tools menu.

Data Bag

Bullet Drag-N-Drop Data Export

Easiest way to export and import data between two databases. Simply drag a table from one database and drop it to another.
Drag-n-Drop tables

Bullet Quick Math

Select multiple rows from the result grid that represent numeric data and WinSQL will display a Quick Math tip displaying a sum, minimum, maximum and average values for the selected rows.
Quick Math

Enhanced User Interface

Most prominent difference in version 6.0 is the interface. Many subtle changes have been made to make the user's experience friendlier than ever before. Some of these changes are:
  • Login password persistence with data encryption
  • Alternate grid row coloring for result sets
  • Easy switching between grid and text result set
  • Driver names in connection window
  • Display SQL strings for result set


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