Creating Snapshots on Amazon S3

Syncrify allows you to create backup snapshots on an Amazon S3 Bucket.

Steps to configure Amazon S3

Use the following steps to configure an S3 bucket.
  • Log in using the admin account into Syncrify Server's web interface
  • Click Configuration
  • Select Cloud Services under More Configuration Options on the upper right hand side
  • Select Amazon AWS S3 for the Provider field
  • Enter a friendly name. This can be any arbitrary value you decide. Do NOT use any special character or punctuations for this value
  • Enter Access Key ID and Secret Key, which is assigned by Amazon. See below for instructions.
  • Select a region where your service resides
  • Click Create

Steps to get Access ID and Secret Key

  • The following steps assumes you are familiar with Amazon AWS and particularly with S3 bucket. It also assumes you have already have an account with AWS. Click here if you do not have an account yet.
  • Log in to your AWS account and click Services on the upper left hand corner. Select S3 under Storage.
  • Create a new bucket and give it a new name and assign the closest region.
  • Amazon recommends you create an IAM User account and access the bucket using those credentials. An IAM account has 3 components:
    1. Account ID or alias
    2. IAM user name
    3. Password
    The URL to logging in contains your account ID and is typically in the following format.

  • After connecting as a user go the main Dashboard and click on Users on the right hand side
  • Click the desired user that has access to S3 bucket
  • Click the tab for Security credentials
  • Create a new Access Key. This will result in creating two values: Access key ID and Secret access key.
  • Enter these values in Syncrify's web interface


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