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Document ID:3930
Subject:Preventing users from changing their passwords
Creation date:10/7/14 2:57 PM
Last modified on:10/7/14 3:09 PM

Prevent users from changing passwords

Users are allowed to change passwords for their SynaMan account by default. However, in certain cases administrators may want to disable this feature, preventing users from modifying their passwords.

Following steps demonstrate how to disable this feature.


  • Stop SynaMan service
  • Locate AppConfig.xml file in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder
  • Add a new parameter line that reads:
    <parameter name="DontAllowUserToChangePassword" type="4" value="true"></parameter>

    After modification the file should look something like:

  • Save the file. Restart SynaMan

Usage Tip

Besides disabling password modification, you could also enforce policy rules when passwords are modified. Click here for more details.

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