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Document ID: 2693
Subject: Changing email template for public links
Creation date: 8/14/13 10:33 AM
Last modified on: 11/8/18 10:55 AM

Modifying email for public links

Often users want to customize email generated by SynaMan when public links are used. The following steps demonstrate how to accomplish this task.

  • Locate $INSTALL_DIR\config folder for SynaMan on your machine. This $INSTALL_DIR is the location where SynaMan is installed. On Windows, this is typically C:\SynaMan and it is set to /opt/SynaMan on Linux.
  • Modify the contents of:
    • PublicDownloadTemplate.txt
    • PublicUploadTemplate.txt
  • These files contain a template that is used to generate these emails. Modify the values as you see fit.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: These template files contain variables enclosed by two ## signs. The value of these variables will be replaced at runtime. Ensure you leave these variables in the template. Following is a list of possible variables.
    Holds the name of the recipient
    HTML link referring to the public link
    Comment specified by the creator
    Expiration for the public link

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