Using Admin as Sender

It is common for SynaMan to generate outbound emails having different values in the sender field of an email. For example, consider a scenario where creates a public link that he wants to share with SynaMan will create an email with John's address in the sender field and his friends address for recipient.

A typical SMTP server will accept outbound emails regardless of the values specified in the Sender and Recipient field, provided SMTP Authentication is used. Therefore, as long as you have specified a value for SMTP User and SMTP Password, SynaMan should not have any problem sending outbound emails.

Some SMTP servers do not follow this convention and have imposed further restrictions on who can send outbound emails. These servers require that the sender's email address must match with the User ID used for SMTP User. For example if you use in for administrator's Email and use administrator for the SMTP User, every outbound email MUST be sent using They deny accepting messages if the sender is One such server is Microsoft Outlook Office 365 for business.

A workaround

If you are using an SMTP server that has this restriction, you will need to check the Use admin as sender when configuring the SMTP server for outbound Emails in SynaMan. This will cause SynaMan to use the value specified for the Administrator's emails in the SMTP envelope (MAIL FROM) when communicating with the SMTP server. The recipient ( for example), will continue to see in the From field.

Downside of using this option

Since the MAIL FROM value in SMTP envelope will contain the administrator's email and not John's, NDRs (Non-delivery report) will be sent to the administrator instead of John. An NDR will be generated if John types the recipient's email address incorrectly while generating a public link.


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