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Subject:Inserting XML files in database tables.
Creation date:7/29/09 12:16 PM
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Microsoft SQL Server provides a convenient way of storing XML data in a database table. To see a complete reference on how to store data in MS SQL Server, refer to this KB article on Microsoft's web site.

create table withXML(
    id integer identity primary key,
    data xml,
    dateInserted datetime default GetDate()


insert into withXML(data)
values ('<book genre="security"
publicationdate="2002" ISBN="0-7356-1588-2">
   <title>Writing Secure Code</title>


select * from withXML

Loading data from a file on your local disk

Often users have to load data from a file. This can be accomplished by using the Insert/Update Wizard in the Browse Data window. The following steps show you how to accomplish this task.
  • Locate the desired table in the Catalog Window
  • Click on the Browse Data node for that table
  • Click the right mouse button and select Insert New Record. Refer to the image below.
  • Using a local function in WinSQL, specify the name of the file. This function is in the following format:


    Refer to the image below.

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