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Subject:How can I change the behavior of the editor
Creation date:7/29/09 4:46 PM
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To change the behavior of the editor in WinSQL, click Edit/Option on the main menu and then select Editor Options

The table below shows a description of each option.



Auto indent mode

Positions the cursor under the first nonblank character of the preceding nonblank line when you press Enter.?

Insert mode

Inserts text after any selection

Use tab character

Inserts the Tab character into the text when the user presses Tab button. If False, spaces are inserted instead.

Smart tab

Tabs to the first non-whitespace character in the preceding line.

Optimal fill

Begins every auto indented line with the minimum number of characters possible, using tabs and spaces as necessary.

Backspace unindents

Aligns the insertion point to the previous indentation level when you press Backspace, if the cursor is on the first nonblank character of a line.

Show Gutter

Displays a non-editable area on the left hand side that can hold line numbers

Highlight matching brackets

Highlights matching brackets when cursor is in between two brackets

Cursor through tabs

Enables the arrow keys to move the cursor to the logical spaces within each tab character.

Group undo

Undoes your last editing command as well as any subsequent editing commands of the same type, if you press Alt+Backspace.????????

Cursor beyond EOF

Allows positioning the cursor beyond end-of-file.??????????

Cursor beyond EOL

Allows positioning the cursor beyond end-of-line.

Keep trailing blanks

Keeps any blanks you might have at the end of a line.

Persistent blocks

Keeps marked blocks selected even when the cursor is moved, until a new block is selected.

Line numbers in gutter

Displays line numbers in the gutter area

Overwrite blocks

Overwrites selected text with new text

Enable selection

Enables selection

Enables dragging

Allows moving text by dragging it to a new position

Enable search highlight

Highlights text when using Find/Replace

Force cut and copy enabled

If selected, cut/copy operations will be enabled even if there is no text currently selected. Actually, it will clear the clipboard if the user tries to perform the cut/copy operation having not selected any text.

Word Wrap

Wraps the line to the next line if it is too long

User comments

Posted by bill on 6/22/19 6:50 PM

Not accurate for older versions of WinSQL. Online help that does not honor the actual version of the software is dumb.

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