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Document ID:808
Subject:Converting from one data type to another in ODBC
Creation date:7/29/09 4:36 PM
Last modified on:7/29/09 4:36 PM


ODBC specifications includes a function called CONVERT that can be used to convert data from one datatype to another. This function is equivalent to the CAST function defined in SQL-92. The syntax is as follows:

{fn CONVERT (value-exp, data-type) }


select  {fn  CONVERT (dob , SQL_CHAR )}
from   Student

The second parameter to this function should be a valid ODBC data type. Following list contains possible values.


User comments

Posted by Robin on 3/28/13 5:52 AM

This mod did not work for me with the SyncrifyOther.tar.gz installation :(

Posted by Rick L on 3/27/12 2:20 PM

To change the Temp file directory for a Syncrify CLIENT machine. add to/edit C:\ProgramFiles\SyncrifyClient\SyncrifyClient.lax\temp

Posted by Richard Maidment on 3/21/19 3:19 AM

You need to be careful with the default temp directory on a QNAP. Syncrify uses /tmp by default. This directory is actually a ramdisk and is restricted to 64mb in size. I found that this limit was breached and it caused other issues on the QNAP. In particular the temperature monitoring stopped and the fan monitor reported a failure. I created a tmp directory off the Syncrify directory as per the article and normality returned.

Posted by Jeff Laing on 8/10/11 6:48 PM

I have two machines backing up to two removable disks on syncrify server. Is there any way to set temp folder for each client machine ?

Posted by john on 12/17/12 8:35 AM

I can find no file called in my Syncrify\config folder. I have chunk files multiplying and which never get erased.

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