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Be Like Hillary and Run Your Own Servers

Secretary Clinton wanted control of her information. Don?t you? Do you really have it when you?re using someone else?s servers?

Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, she had reasons for running her own email server. These reasons are worth considering for your own business. If you want to keep control of your personal data and emails, you need to run your own servers. 

Here at Synametrics, we give you tools to help you accomplish this.

Mrs. Clinton's various statements on the matter, such as the convenience excuse, are not especially illuminating as to her motivations. But as many observers, both political and technical, have stated, one likely goal is control of the information on the server. Whether or not this is appropriate for a U.S. Secretary of State, it is completely appropriate for you and your business.

Xeams is a complete email and messaging server that you can run on your own servers, either in-house or hosted elsewhere. You, not some Fortune 100 service provider with far greater interests than yours, control the server and the messages on it. You get to choose the systems software it runs on (Xeams runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSx and other flavors of UNIX). 

By using a VPN and file system encryption you can block attackers with physical access. If there is a legal discovery order of some kind, any access to the messages has to go through you.

It's not clear if Mrs. Clinton also used file servers under the control of the State Department or herself, but you probably have file servers. 

Who do you trust to control access to those files? You and your employees or Faceless Cloud Corporation of San Francisco, London, Shenzhen and Moscow?

You can make your own file servers using proven, well-understood software. You can enforce file or file system encryption and SSL/TLS to encrypt all data in transit.

Syncrify is our private cloud backup software allowing multiple machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within your enterprise. Besides backing up computers, you can also synchronize folders between multiple machines in a secure environment. You control who gets access to synchronized files and folders and you control who gets to administer the system. If you aren't routing over the Internet then files need never leave your own network.

SynaMan allows users to upload or download files from any machine or a mobile device, anywhere on the Internet, using an easy web-based interface. It integrates with Microsoft Active Directory so that you get to decide who has access to files in any location. File transfers automatically use SSL/TLS to protect against prying eyes.

At Synametrics we also make tools to help you manage your database servers running on any operating system through standard interfaces.  Our 10MinutesWeb tool lets you create professional web sites easily.

Not everybody has to worry about third parties having access to their information. Not everybody cares. But if you are one of those who do need to worry about these things, you need the tools to do the job right and under your control. You've come to the right place.

Created on: Sep 16, 2015
Last updated on: Jun 26, 2022


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