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Subject: Installing Syncrify on FreeNAS
Creation date: 12/4/17 11:21 AM
Last modified on: 4/16/24 12:45 PM

Running Syncrify on FreeBSD

This tutorial explains how to install and run Syncrify on FreeBSD.


  • Create a new Jail in FreeBSD. The easiest way is to connect to your FreeNAS web interface and click on Jails on the left.
  • Once Jail is created, open a Shell connection. Click the image below for a screenshot.

  • Install Java by using the following command:
    pkg install openjdk8
    Refer to this page for details
  • Confirm Java by running the following command:
    java -version
  • Download the Syncrify Server package for FreeBSD here.
  • Extract the file using the tar -xf command. There will be two files; and Syncrify.tar.gz
  • Run the installer by running the following command: bash Follow the instructions afterward. Once it is finished, press enter.
  • Access the web interface of Syncrify by opening a web browser and go to http://yourfreenashost:5800

User comments

Posted by diller on 10/7/18 6:07 PM

I got Syncrify running in a jail on FreeNas 11.1-U6. I made a default jail, and followed the instructions here and on the download page. It won't run right out the gate, though. I had to edit the script to change the shell to "#!/bin/sh" (bash is not installed to /bin in FreeNAS), and change the location of java to "/usr/local/bin/java". After that, the server started up just fine.

Posted by Jeremy on 11/20/21 12:40 PM

For the update and restart to function properly you need to adjust the AppConfig.xml file. The <parameter value="jre/bin/java" type="1" name="jvmPath"/> to <parameter value="/usr/local/bin/java" type="1" name="jvmPath"/>

Posted by Jeremy on 11/20/21 12:43 PM

AppConfig.xml change the java Path value to /user/local/bin/java

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