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Subject:Running Syncrify on FreeNAS with BSD
Creation date:6/22/10 9:29 AM
Last modified on:3/25/15 3:17 PM

Running Syncrify on FreeNAS

This tutorial explains how to install and run Syncrify on FreeNAS server.

The following was done with Syncrify 1.3 build 360 and FreeNAS version 0.7.2 (Sabanda) installed on FreeBSD version 7.3

IMPORTANT: You need a "full" not "embedded" FreeNAS. Make sure to allocate at least 200 MB of disk space for Java

Step 1: Download Java from In this example, I downloaded the JDK for FreeBSD 7.x/i386. The actual file name was diablo-jdk-freebsd7.i386.
Step 2: Install dependent packages first using the following commands:
$ pkg_add -v -r xtrans
$ pkg_add -v -r xproto
$ pkg_add -v -r xextproto
$ pkg_add -v -r javavmwrapper
Step 3: Install Java (the .tbz file is the one you downloaded in step 1)
pkg_add -v diablo-jdk-freebsd6.i386.
Step 4: Download Syncrify from
Step 5: Use the following command to unzip the file:
tar -zxvf SyncrifyOther.tar.gz
Step 6: Modify the script if necessary. You might have to:
  • Add a line in the beginning to run a specific shell, for example to use bash:


  • Modify path for java. We recommend adding java in your system path rather than specifying an absolute path in the script.
Step 7: Execute to run Syncrify.

NOTE: You may have to change your shell to bash if you modified the script to do so in the above step. You can check your shell by typing the following:

echo $0

If you do not see bash return from this command then type bash to temporarily change the shell for this session.

Optionally, you can permanently change the shell for the user by typing the following:

chsh -s /bin/bash <user_name>

Step 8: Open a browser from another machine and try connecting to:

This is assuming the IP address of your FreeNAS server is

Optional step - start at boot time

If you like Syncrify to start at boot time, create a file called 'syncrify' and place it in the /etc/rc.d directory

. /etc/rc.subr

cd /mnt/ForBackup/Syncrify <-- Change this path to match your installation folder.
load_rc_config $name
run_rc_command "$1"

After creating this file, change its permission to executable by running the following command.
chmod +x syncrify

User comments

Posted by Kees Mollema on 11/1/10 4:40 AM

I am using Syncrify Server on Freenas (7.2) an client on Win7 both Version 2.2, build 443. Server keeps asking for registration each time I hit the homescreen, Client keeps telling me "Syncrify server is missing registration, Please ...." Which i do each time I come pass the registrationscreen. Server picks up a key and seems to register it well in AppConfig.xml. What to do next????

Posted by kenny on 10/8/10 2:58 PM

how do you excute the command?

Posted by Carsten on 4/17/14 6:40 AM

Running freenas Created a "Standard" Jail and ran the commands from Donovan. It installed until I got this error: 550 No such file or directory. Error: Unable to get able/Latest/ File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access) pkg_add: unable to fetch ' -9-stable/Latest/' by URL pkg_add: 17 package addition(s) failed How will I get on from here? Regards Carsten

Posted by Donovan Niesen on 11/1/13 6:13 PM

Was able to get this working on a FreeNAS 9.1 jail: pkg_add -v -r xtrans pkg_add -v -r xproto pkg_add -v -r xextproto pkg_add -v -r javavmwrapper pkg_add -v -r openjdk6-jre pkg_add -v -r bash pkg_add -v -r wget wget /usr/local/bin/bash

Posted by mz on 1/15/11 3:26 PM

I have installed all as above, however syncrify is not running? i get the following when running freenas:~# sh /root/ :lib/SyncrifyServer.jar:lib/ant-launcher.jar:lib/ant.jar:lib/gwt-user.jar:lib/jsp-api.jar:lib/mail.jar also I do not understand about step 6: adding the line...

Posted by NP on 11/17/17 10:29 PM

Is there an updated document for this? Java is no longer available from the link provided. Will it work for FreeNAS 11? Is a newer version of Syncrify available for download?

Posted by Emad on 4/17/11 12:48 AM

I am using FreeNAS 7.2 Sabanda (revision 5872). I have all the steps you mentioned but with no luck. I check the log file derby in db folder and there was problems in resolving the host. so i fixed the host then I faced another problem that Java is not able to listen to port 4729 because it is in use, so I changed that in AppConfig.xml to another free port. after doing all this I run the script and it return this line ":lib/SyncrifyServer.jar:lib/ant-launcher.jar:lib/ant.jar:lib/gwt-user.jar:lib/jsp-api.jar:lib/mail.jar ". in the db folder i have the db installed "Apache Derby Network Server - - (599110) started and ready to accept connections on port 4723". This all seems fine but when I try to connect to the Syncrify I get page not found. I tried everything with no luck. Anyone out there can help?

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