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Shared Projects and Syncribox, a better way to Collaborate in the Workplace

With more and more people working from home, working in different time zones, and traveling to different offices or locations during the day it is crucial for employees to stay connected with their colleagues more than ever. Collaboration in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of optimizing workflow and for team work to be more effective. 

In this article we aim explore what a good collaboration tool consists of as well as provide a great tool for achieving teamwork in and out of the office. 

While there are many collaboration tools in the market, the best tools will have all of the following aspects:

Offers Total Privacy

The most important feature of a good collaboration tool is privacy. If your team is working on a project with confidential or personal information, you'll want to ensure that information stays within is not leaked, or wind up in the wrong hands. A good collaboration will have no 3rd party involvement or access to the files you are sharing reducing the stress and worrying about who else has access to your files.

Provides a ROI

Most collaboration tools have a monthly subscription fee, or a surcharge for sharing large files. With a good collaboration tool, you'll want to see a return on your initial investment. This means you'll want a tool where you pay once for the license and can she an unlimited amount of files without any additional charges regarding the file type or size.

Truly Work Remotely

Whether you are in the office, or vacation, traveling, or out of the office for any reason, a good collaboration tool will provide you with access to your synced and shared files from any location. Even if you are working on an airplane where there is no internet access, an exception sharing tool will allow you to view your files from any location with no restrictions.

Improves Organization

While working on a project with multiple team members, files and documents can get lost in translation, deleted, modified, or corrupted. A good collaboration tool houses all artifacts in one central location where they can be easily accessed and monitored for any changes.

Provides Better Means of Communication

Communication is key in any business no matter the size. Whether employees miss a meeting, are working from home, or working from different offices, a good collaboration tools allow employees to communicate as though they are working side by side. 

Having a tool to effectively share files reduces the amount of emails and phone calls exchanged between colleagues and reduces the wait time of sharing or catching up on missed information.

Eases Project Management

Collaboration tools provide team leaders with transparency in regard to work employees are currently performing. These tools allow managers to check on documents or files their employees are working on and monitor changes and track the? progress of a given task. Synametrics Technologies offers two great solutions for team collaboration that are featured in Syncrify.


Synchronizes multiple machines used by a single user for example, a desktop and a laptop. They can then use their login credentials to access their files from any locations. This means if they are out of the office, they are still able to work remotely and share their documents with colleagues.

Shared Projects

Synchronizes files and documents between multiple users. A folder is created where colleges can add their documents and each user will have a local copy of every file that has been share. They can even access these files without internet access allowing them to work anywhere, even on an airplane. 

Syncribox and Shared Projects are both on premise solutions. This means there is no 3rd party involvement in sharing and syncing files, ensuring they remain 100% private. Licenses start at only $49 with no monthly costs or additional costs to the backup, syncing and sharing tool utilize all three tools. Syncrify is the ideal program to use to insure all files within your organization remain safe, secure, and shared. 

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Created on: Jan 31, 2019
Last updated on: Jun 24, 2022


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