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Perpetual Licenses: What do they mean and Why should I want them?

Synametrics Technologies aims to give their customers the best quality software products for the most unbeatable prices as possible. When developing their software, the customer's satisfaction is a main priority and concern. Part of the company's incredible services is their use of perpetual licensing. Perpetual licenses allow customers to purchase and download software once, and then use it indefinitely.

The main attractive detail of perpetual licensing with Synametrics Technologies is that the customer pays one time and then is not required to pay another fee ever again. It is up to the customer if in the future they decide to upgrade their license with the company for a newer version of their service, but there are no requirements. This makes the software budget friendly and a smart investment.

The software version downloaded with the perpetual license is the version that remains indefinite for use. As mentioned earlier, it is up to the customer when a software upgrade is available if they would like to purchase that newer version. If not, the customer will continue use of their originally downloaded version of the software service.

Perpetual licensing separates Synametrics Technologies from the competition. Most of the competitor's on the market only offer customers annual licensing. Annual licensing differ from perpetual licensing by the software is only available to the customer for a one year duration. After the year is up, the customer must repurchase another license for the following year if they wish to continue services with the software.

Every software service at Synametrics Technologies makes perpetual licensing standard. The customer that chooses Synametrics is clearly getting the most bang for their buck, along with the least amount of headaches not having to remember to renew licenses.

To find out more about perpetual licensed software and Synametrics Technologies, visit our website or contact us via phone or email.

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Created on: 3/21/16 11:33 AM
Last updated on: 3/21/16 11:36 AM


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