Syncrify Features

Syncrify is an ideal remote backup solution for individuals as well as corporate users, offering a
cost-effective way to quickly and easily backup files of any type and size to any machine running a
variety of operating systems.



One of the biggest challenges faced by companies using service-based online backups is, privacy. Syncrify allows you to create a private-cloud within your company. This means backed up files remain within your network mitigating privacy concerns that usually arise from outsourcing backed up data to online service providers.



HTTPS ensures the communication channel between a client and server is secure. Actual file transfers as well as any administrative tasks can be optionally encrypted using SSL. A self-signed SSL certificate comes bundled with the product that gets you up and running within minutes.


Ransomware Prevention

Before running backups, Syncrify can detect if the machine was recently infected with a ransomware virus. The Administrator is alerted via email if such an infection is detected and new backups are aborted, saving the previously backed up data.


Multi-Tier Backup

Unlike most backup software, Syncrify is a Multi-Tier backup system that significantly boosts performance when backing up data to a remote machine.



Data is transferred using HTTP(S), which is a firewall-friendly protocol. Most companies allow outboundHTTP traffic allowing Syncrify to run seamlessly without any additional configuration in the corporate firewall.



If you are familiar with DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, you will love SyncriBox. SyncriBox is everything you get from these public cloud service without any privacy issues.


Product vs Service

Syncrify is a product, not a service. This means you purchase it once and use it forever. There are no monthly fees, setup fees, bandwidth fees or storage fees.



Syncrify can be installed on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD and UNIX.


Web based administration

Administrators always connect to the server using a web browser to perform tasks like adding new users, running reports or monitoring user activity.


Easy to install

Installing Syncrify is very simple. Download the installer and run it. An interactive wizard will guide you through the setup process. Within minutes you can have your clients/colleagues transfer files.