Syncrify is a private cloud backup software allowing multiple machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within your enterprise.

Key Features

  • Private cloud backup - Power your private cloud using Syncrify. If you are an enterprise looking for a comprehensive, cost effective data protection platform, consider Syncrify to create a private cloud. Click here for more information. 

  • Access files anywhere, anytime on any device - Easily access your backed up files from any machine or a smart phone.

  • 100% Secure - Your files stay in your network and within your control. They are never transferred to any third-party machines.

  • Multi-platform - Syncrify can be installed on any operating system including MS Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and UNIX

  • Backup over the Internet - Backup files from any computer across the Internet

  • Free - Syncrify is absolutely free for personal use
Click here for a more features.

How it works

  • You install Syncrify Server on any machine of your choice with plenty of hard-drive space. This machine can be located anywhere on the Internet.

  • Using your web-browser you, the administrator, create multiple user accounts.

  • You then install Syncrify Client on a machine that you want to backup. Run this client, decide the files you want to backup and schedule as task to run it.

  • Individual users can connect to the Syncrify Server using their web browser to view backed files as well as download/restore any file when they need it.


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